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Our Partners

Established across the globe, Code2Connect's impact stretches beyond a computer screen.

Code2Connect is partnered with the Angaza Center to advance our aid to rural African children. Our collaboration has impacted 13+ rural schools in Kenya with hardware donations and our digital literacy curriculum. Our goal is to immerse as many schoolchildren in technology worldwide.
With a network of schools established in underserved areas, Tumaini Open Schools is making a significant impact on countless lives. Through their tireless efforts, they are breaking the cycle of poverty and empowering future generations to reach their full potential. Code2Connect provides mentors to lead technology education lessons.
Through their education initiatives, Tanzania Development Trust supports schools and students by providing scholarships, educational resources, and infrastructure improvements, aiming to enhance access to quality education and create opportunities for the next generation. Code2Connect is partnered with TDT to empower the next generation of female leaders in STEM.
Most students in rural areas of Ghana do not have the access to computers
before going to Senior High School or even University. To change this, Grow
Ghana initiative supports young students in the school with hands-on training in digital & soft skills that really matter. Grow Ghana is located in small community called Kokrobite, and works with a network of schools.



Chicago, IL

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Boston, MA

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Madison, WI



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