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Learn or improve a computer language with our large collection of courses or mentors!

Why learn with us?

Code2Connect Courses
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What we offer:

One-on-One Tutoring

Learn one-on-one with our mentors. Apply what you know in your lessons!

Group Lessons

Learn with your peers, and a mentor guiding along the way.


*Please note that all our lessons will take place online.

Code2Connect Levels:

Code2Connect Jr.

New to the world of programming? Start it simple!



Beginner Course

Scratch is a block-based, visual programming language which is designed to teach basic ​concepts of coding to first-time programmers. In our Scratch class, students will learn the basics of coding vocabulary & structural programming through weekly, instructor-led assignments. They will be taught how to create games, animations, and other real world applications. This class is perfect for younger individuals who are getting started in the field of computer science!

Code2Connect Intermediate

Want to develop your skillset? Begin your new journey!



Beginner - Intermediate Course

If you don't have much coding experience, that's okay! The Python Basics course will teach you the fundamentals of Python and prepare you for our Advanced Python course! Get a head-start in the world of structural & object-oriented programming!



Intermediate Course

The Java course will focus on the fundamentals of the Java programming language needed to progress to the Advanced java course. In this course, students will learn about Java syntax, loops, strings, classes, and methods, and will work on labs to demonstrate their understanding of these skills in the context of real-world applications.



Beginner - Intermediate Course

In this course, students will learn about the processes involved in web development. Students will receive instructions on how to set up the backbone of a website. Students will be enabled to use their creativity to build a website from the ground up. The class will build up to the creation of a static website. This class will prepare you for the CSS course.



Intermediate Course

JavaScript is a dynamic computer programming language. It is lightweight and most commonly used as a part of web pages, whose implementations allow client-side script to interact with the user and make dynamic pages. It is an interpreted programming language with object-oriented capabilities.



Intermediate Course

This course shows you how to design web pages and create CSS classes from a beginner's level to a more intermediate level. It starts off with basic HTML declarations, properties, values and how to include a CSS style sheet with your HTML code. For those of you who are new to CSS and HTML, we show you step-by-step how to create a CSS file and include it in your HTML code, even if you use a cloud server for your hosting.



Intermediate - Advanced Course

Our C++ course will serve as an introduction to the language of C++ and will cover topics relating to the structural & objective of programming, program design, data types, variables, constants, and operators. Additionally, our course will also cover program efficiency, organization, and object oriented programming concepts.

Code2Connect Advanced

Been there, done that? Challenge yourself!


Advanced Python

Advanced Course

If you already know the basics of Python and want to learn more advanced content, then this class is for you! Our Advanced Python class will cover higher-level topics such as splicing, list/set/dictionary comprehensions, and Python libraries such as and pandas! This class will teach fundamental knowledge about Python which will come in handy for fields of Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence.


Advanced Java

Advanced Course

If you already have experience with Java, enroll in our advanced Java lessons to expand your knowledge. This course will cover more in depth topics such as Object Oriented Programming. Additionally, this course covers many topics used in the Advanced Placement Computer Science A course for high schoolers. Need to brush up on your skills before the test? This course is for you!


Code2Connect's tutoring program is to positively impact, directly or indirectly, the student to student learning experience, encourage students’ sustained effort in continually striving for improved learning outcomes and enable each student to achieve individual success through effective tutoring and improving social emotional well-being. C2C focus on enhancing a growth mindset for all tutees and work together to achieve higher learning outcomes.

If you need any help with progressing through a Computer Science course or language, consider joining Code2Connect tutoring for further assistance and hands-on learning from top-class teachers.

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