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Code for success with our comprehensive computer science curriculum.

Why learn with Code2Connect?

Qualified Mentors

Let your journey be guided by experienced high school mentors.


Connect to a WiFi network and you're all set! All of our courses are virtually led.

Rolling Courses

Miss the deadline to sign up? Register for a different start date and start coding!

Support the Cause

Help Code2Connect bridge the digital literacy gap by joining our mission today.

Course Registration

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Code2Connect Courses


Learn coding fundamentals through Scratch, building animations, games, and interactive stories with ease.


Dive into the world of coding and learn the fundamentals of Python. Build real-world applications, solve problems, and unleash your coding potential in this hands-on course designed for all skill levels.


Learn the essentials of Java. Build practical applications, solve challenges, and unleash your coding potential in this hands-on course designed for all levels of experience.


Website Development

Build interactive websites, learn modern frameworks, and unleash your creativity in this comprehensive course designed for aspiring web developers of all levels.

Companies that use Python, Java, and WebDev

  • What age ranges are recommended for the introductory programming courses?
    There is no "perfect" age range for our courses. Classes are designed by the student's pace and prior experience. Our students begin at various levels, and progress through the courses at their own rate. If the student has little to no experience with computer programming, we suggest our introductory programming courses, as they are designed for easier, simpler activities like block coding that build the foundations for higher level computer languages.
  • What age ranges are recommended for the intermediate/advanced programming courses?
    If the student is experienced with block-coding or another computer language, we suggest our intermediate/advanced courses, as they are designed to guide students through their coding journey by providing experience with common and practical languages. If you decide the course or the level you're at is not a good fit for you, let your mentor know ASAP and we can place you in a different course.
  • Are there any tests or quizzes built into the curriculum?
    Unlike a traditional classroom setting, our curriculum does not involve major tests, quizzes, or finals throughout the course. However, we do require students take a test at the end of their course in order to demonstrate proficiency. But don't worry! Our mentors will ensure that you are prepared to the best of your ability.
  • How much do courses cost?
    $0! Our courses are completely free! Just sign-up to be a student and we'll connect you with a mentor experienced in your designated language.
  • Can we apply for more than one course simultaneously?
    Yes, it is possible to sign-up for more than one class at the same time. However, our team does not recommend it. We believe that our students should focus on one computer language at a time and master that before proceeding through the courses. This will allow you to focus and learn advanced topics in said language.
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