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Make a Difference

Your support helps low-income communities.

Code2Connect was founded to ensure all students regardless of socioeconomic status, race, religion, or gender have the opportunity to receive a quality computer science and technology education.

100% of our proceeds go towards purchasing new computers and tablets. Our outreach team gifts the technology to low-income schools, allowing students to become more familiar with using technology and giving schools more units of technolo
gy. If interested in directly donating hardware, please contact our support team at

If you still have questions about how your donation helps bridge the digital literacy gap, please contact us.
*All monetary donations are tax-deductible in accordance with Code2Connect's 501(c)(3) status. If interested in donating hardware, please contact our support team at

Monetary Aid

Illustrated Laptop


Where your Money Goes


Mwakijembe Secondary School

293 students

Kitambo Secondary School

500+ students


Miruriiri Girls Secondary School

250 students

Loglogo Girls Secondary School

220 students

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