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Online Workshop


 Mentors will set up a structured weekly class where students will develop proficiency in a particular language. They are experienced in the computer language they will be instructing. Mentors will conduct a 1-hour lesson once a week to promote their students' understanding. Become a mentor today!


When you apply to be a mentor, you are also being evaluated to teach students in Kenya through the Angaza Center. If accepted, we will email you with further details.

Service Hours

Code2Connect offers all our volunteers an opportunity to record and verify their service hours to count towards completion and induction into common service organizations. If you would like to request a volunteer certification or have any questions regarding volunteer service hours, please contact us at

Other Opportunities

Please email if starting a new chapter, being a guest speaker, or helping develop curriculum interests you! 

Sunset Over New York City

Chapter Leaders

If you're a student who lives in the U.S., help Code2Connect expand in your city by committing to lead and grow a chapter. If you live outside the U.S., help us do the same in your city!

City chapters host events, teach workshops to local students using our central curriculum, and gather more organizational interest.


Giving a Speech

Guest Speakers

Volunteer through Code2Connect as a guest speaker. We are looking for motivated individuals to speak about their life experiences pertaining to STEM careers, in an attempt to motivate other people. Provide your insight to inspire the future generation of students in STEM

Code on Laptop Computer


Make curriculum content for our numerous mentors. This role is comprised of everything from study guides to structured educational progressions for our mentors to follow through with for specific languages.

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