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Volunteering Opportunities

"Those who know, know. Those who can also help, change the world."
- Anonymous
Online Workshop


With Code2Connect, mentors can identify gaps in their students' understanding, tailor instruction, and meet the needs of every student. Our mentors are experienced in the computer language they will be instructing upon. Mentors have the choice to choose between tutoring one-on-one lessons or group sessions. Mentors will conduct a 1 hour lesson once a week to promote their students' understanding. Please join us on our mission to promote educational equality worldwide. Become a mentor today!



These individuals will join a specific department within Code2Connect and assist the organization by undertaking unique duties with our executive team. If you demonstrate commitment, you will be given more opportunities to take on a leadership role at Code2Connect.


By submitting this application, you declare that the information you provided in this form is truthful and you agree to be contacted by Code2Connect staff regarding your application's status. If you are accepted to be a Code2Connect volunteer, you agree to uphold the integrity of the organization and work faithfully in the roles which you undertake.



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Chapter Leaders

Mobilizing a global network of leaders from all over the world, we champion informed digital literacy that addresses Computer Science advocation through community organizing, technical workshops, and mentoring courses.

If you're a student who lives in the U.S., help Code2Connect ( expand in your city by committing to lead and grow a chapter. If you live outside the U.S., help us do the same in your city!

City chapters host events, teach workshops to local students using our central curriculum, and gather more organization interest.


Giving a Speech

Guest Speakers

Volunteer through Code2Connect as a guest speaker. We are looking for motivated individuals to speak about their life experiences pertaining to STEM careers, in an attempt to motivating other people. It doesn't matter what you do in the STEM field, whether you're a biologist or a data scientist, we need you to nurture the future of STEM!

Guest Speakers
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Make curriculum content for our numerous mentors. This role is comprised of everything from study guides to structured educational progressions for our teachers to follow through with for specific languages.


Whether you are an aspiring Google IT Professional or a 3rd grader with a passion in STEM, Code2Connect makes it simple and easy to teach within our organization. Please keep in mind that Code2Connect is a nonprofit incorporation, and does not charge students fees. This experience is purely voluntary. You must have basic proficiency in computer programming in order to apply. Our offered courses are located on the application form. If you have any questions about the application process, please look at the FAQ's below or contact us directly.


As of now, all our lessons are conducted either one-on-one or with a group to maximize learning efficiency. Group lessons will be with 5-30 students. If you are the Lead Instructor for group lessons, you are eligible for higher tier levels (scroll down for more information). When you apply as a mentor, please select which type of lesson you would be more comfortable teaching. If you are selected as a mentor for a group lesson with more than 15 students, you will be responsible for creating an account for a portal. But don't worry! Our team will guide you through it!

Service Hours

Code2Connect offers all our volunteers (interns included) with an opportunity to record their service hours to count towards completion and induction into the National Honor Society. If you have any questions regarding volunteer service hours, please contact us at

Code2Connect Departments


Our technical department consists of updating and improving the Code2Connect website and applications. 


Our communications department consists of responding to communications directed towards C2C as well as posting regularly on our social media platforms. 

Business Structure

Within our business structure department, interns will model new ways to expand Code2Connect. You will work very closely with our chapters and their respective leaders.


Interns will contact developers and educational institutions to involve themselves within Code2Connect.

Get involved with the future of Computer Science today!

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