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The leader in digital education.

We're nurturing the future generation of computer scientists.


Free Computer Science Courses

No matter your experience level, you'll be writing real, functional code within minutes of starting your first course!


Computer Science Tutoring

Need help with a CS course from school, or learning on your own and hit a roadblock? Join Code2Connect tutoring for help enhancing your coding journey!

Boost your Skills



Prepping for the big test or want to ace your first interview? Use Code2Connect's real-world practice to reinforce what you've learned and get you ready for that big moment.

You can learn something totally new to advance your career. Or maybe you just want to knock off the rust. Try Code2Connect today to get access to a variety of free courses!

Do what you Love

Volunteer through Code2Connect, advocating for quality computer education along the way.


Whether you're 10-years old, or a Google Data Scientist, we need your help to mentor other students in a language to your familiarity!

Start a Chapter

Become a Chapter leader and mark change in your community. All leaders have a spot on our leadership team.

Curriculum Developers

Create a syllabus and curriculum related to the computer language.

Department Interns

Volunteer in one of our departments to help our organization run smoothly!

Guest Speakers

Hold your own seminar and talk to students about a technology topic of your choice!

Event Leaders

Host your own event, from a hackathon, to a workshop. Gather interest, we'll do the rest!

An Act of Service

About Code2Connect

Code2Connect is a student-run, Illinois registered, nonprofit incorporation dedicated to reducing the gender and racial gap in STEM-related fields by using digital literacy as a vehicle for advocacy.

We provide:

  • Instructor-led, online computer programming classes on a weekly basis.

  • Online programming courses for all ages, completed at the convenience of the student.

  • Opportunities for high school and university students to build upon their knowledge of Computer Science by giving back to the community.

  • Any donations are used to provide new items of technology for underprivileged communities. 


Alex C.

This is a great way to have while entering the world of coding. Code2Connect helped me pursue a possible career interest in this field.

Bhavesh S.

Code2Connect helped me learn computer science topics that I struggled with at school through their lessons.

Chloe K.

Code2Connect was a great way for me to enter into computer science since many of my friends began coding and I wasn't sure where to start.

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Start your coding journey today!

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